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Bienvenue !

Cet site content mes due portfolios en ligne,

La Dernière Table et La Secrétaire.

J'ai arrangé des écrits en vedette, mais

s'il te plaît, n'hésite pas à explorer,

et si tu renseignes plus de moi,

voir les liens correspondants.

Qui ?

À vivre dans tel espoir déclarons-nous, serait une grande merveille pour les désespéré silencieux en désespoir.

Je suis Cody Connor Kelley. I am

a student, occasional teacher, tea-aholic, and writer,

currently finishing my MA in Shakespeare Studies.

I have a BA in English Literature and a BA in Biblical Studies, and have previously taught both adult learners in college and children at a traditional academy. I have a passion for international students and anyone struggling with cultural displacement, yet my primary passion is writing and the beauty of language. In addition to the more formal and personal posts of The Last Table, I write short experimental epistolary stories at The Letter Desk, under my pseudonym Sire the fox, whom you'll find scurrying about the site. Outside of here, I am constantly at work on a handful of novels and an extensive collection of poetry. I also enjoy painting, cooking, learning French, playing the violin, watching old movies, eating dark chocolate, and picking flowers in the meadows of the world. I hope to use language in a manner of intentionality, drawing out a kind hope and self-reflective humility. Through a literary ministry, I write for the underspoken and misunderstood, the emotionally broken, the lonely, the wandering families, and the unloved children. I write for those like the Canaanite woman begging for scraps from the table, eager to see her seated beside the king.




I am a servant oriented worker, with a literary, theology, theatrical philosophy, and educational background, geared towards the provision of genuine work

and assistance.

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