Who ?

To live in such hope we declare, would be a great marvel to the silent hopeless in despair.

I am Cody Connor Kelley. I am

a life-long student, occasional teacher, tea-aholic, and writer,

currently finishing my MA in Shakespeare Studies.

I have a BA in English Literature and a BA in Biblical Studies. I have a passion for international travellers and anyone struggling with cultural displacement, yet my primary passion is writing and the beauty of language. I write articles and stories concerning issues in mental health, cultural identity, and the Christian perspective, while I specialise in the discussion of Autism, depression, narcolepsy, and the issue of individual and collective identity. In addition to the more formal and personal posts of The Last Table, I write short experimental epistolary stories at The Letter Desk, under my pseudonym Sire the fox, whom you'll find scurrying about the site. Outside of here, I am constantly at work on a handful of novels and an extensive collection of poetry, and I am working to build a startup international publishing company and news network. I also enjoy painting, cooking, learning French, playing the violin, watching old movies, eating dark chocolate, and

picking flowers in the meadows of the world. I hope to use language

in a manner of intentionality, drawing out a kind hope

and self-reflective humility. Through a literary ministry,  

I write for the underspoken and misunderstood, the emotionally broken,

the lonely, the wandering families, and the unloved children. 

I write for those like the Canaanite woman begging for scraps 

from the table, eager to see her seated beside the king.




I am a servant oriented worker, with a literary, theology, theatrical philosophy, and educational background, geared towards the provision of genuine work

and assistance.

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