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Bienvenue !

Cet site content mes due portfolios en ligne,

La Dernière Table et La Secrétaire.

J'ai arrangé des écrits en vedette, mais

s'il te plaît, n'hésite pas à explorer,

et si tu renseignes plus de moi,

voir les liens correspondants.

La Dernière Table

La Lettre Secrétaire


Mere Significance

July 23, 2019 ~ 8 minutes

As someone with Autistic social disjointing, often unable to naturally communicate or thereupon maintain friendships, and who’s thus nearly lost my mind from loneliness, I have usually doubted the value of my presence.



April 13, 2017 ~ 9 minutes

The sun is out today, the birds sing, the breezes grace treetops, and I would rather sleep. One cannot control depression so much as one cannot control addiction at its worst. The two are very similar in this matter; the addict sees the men with stuffed pockets, waiting to make their acquaintance, just as the depressed sees the shadow in the corner, stalking about the room.


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